To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. ~ Audrey Hepburn

Nature is the best medicine. There are multiple studies that show spending time in nature can be a predictor to longevity, improve mood and self-esteem as well as reduce anxiety and depression. Gardening is a great way to enjoy nature and reap even more physical and mental benefits. Armed with all of this knowledge, where do you begin? You head to East Pierre Landscape and Garden Center. *Spoiler Alert* I couldn't stop taking pictures of everything at this place!

Make sure not to block the gate though.....

You might just get composted!

Mary Eckstrom and her husband started this journey about 4 1/2 years ago and they have been expanding and adding new inventory ever since. With his experience in landscape and her background in management, this duo is taking East Pierre Landscape and Garden Center to a new level.

This place is so huge and everywhere I looked there were plants, flowers, and cuteness!

There is something for everyone here.

Seriously guys, if you can't find what you are looking for here...I don't know what to tell you. But, if you do happen to want something that they don't have, just tell them and they will help you get your hands on it. 

I think this little guy had to be my favorite.

If you have a black thumb and even plastic plants die in your care, that is not problem. Mary loves to educate the customers on how to care for all different types of plants and flowers. Helping customers is her favorite part of the job. East Pierre Landscape and Garden Center also offers monthly classes. Some of the classes that they have held include: landscape design, container gardening, herb class, planting bulbs, succulent plant and take, and oh so much more. Look how beautiful these succulents are. There are so many to choose from, I would never be able to decide.

Herbs are also really popular right now. I plant herbs in my garden and I love the freshness it adds to my dishes. One of Mary's tips for gardeners is to plant what you eat. I was guilty of this my first year gardening too. I got ambitious looking at all of those seed and thought "oh that would be cool to plant," not thinking about the space I had or the amount of time it took until harvest. Mary says to keep it simple, but if you fail at something, don't give up. Talk to your local garden center and figure out what could have went wrong, learn from it, and get back in the garden. Not only is that a great philosophy for gardening it is a great philosophy to take with you in ever aspect of life....don't give up.

I love these herb markers!

If you are looking to have some landscaping done, they can help you with that as well. Look at those hand-drawn design sketches. This really shows the love and dedication they put into each project. I guarantee they will work with you to get exactly what you want.

Artificial turf is something that is new at East Pierre Landscape and Garden Center. If you have areas in your yard (like me) where your dogs run and you can't seem to get anything to grow there, this is a great option.

Not only do they care for all of the plants that they have at the center, they put together and care for plants all around the Capital City.

This place is hopping all year around. In October East Pierre Landscape and Garden Center hosts their annual Fall Festival. During the festival there is face and pumpkin painting, a hay bale maze, and vendors replace the plants in the greenhouses. Then during the evening they have live music as well as beer and wine available. I am definitely planning on going to that...maybe I will have to do a whole blog just on the festival! Also during the winter months they have Christmas porch pots with spruce and berries. See there is something for every season. So when you are driving east of Pierre and you see the fun old truck decorated for the season, turn left and see what this amazing place has to offer you.