I watch way too much HGTV.  I mean my 8 year old references Chip and Joanna Gaines more than any Disney actor/actress so when I saw that I got to blog about Country Carpet and Flooring in Pierre, South Dakota I was pretty excited to take a peek..... since I am an expert and all. That’s how becoming an expert works, right?  It works if you stay at Holiday Inn Express so it should work since I binge watch HGTV every chance I get.  

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew that I would be needing a real expert.

I mean look at this…

And this….

There were so many options for literally every detail of a house in this place!

And the store keeps going!

Thank goodness Amber Wiebe, interior designer and salesperson for Country Carpet and Flooring, came right over to walk me through everything they have to offer.  I know their name is Country Carpet and Flooring, but it should have an "etc." behind their name because they do way more than just your floors. Window coverings, flooring, carpet, hardwood, tile, backsplashes….if you want to remodel or build it, they have it.

Building a house as well as remodeling has the potential be overwhelming, but the team at Country Carpet and Flooring are really there to take all of the headaches away.  From free estimates to design plans (even paint colors), to lining up independent contractors for installation, Country Carpet and Flooring will make sure that your house will be exactly how you want it.

Amber and the team here at Country Carpet and Flooring have a strong passion to help people design their dream home. They work hard at getting to know you and are your sense of style so they can guide you to options that fit you.

If you are like me and know what you like but have a hard time describing it.  Bring in a picture and they will take it from there!

I'll take this one........


I asked what some of the most popular items are right now and she said for sure, luxury vinyl plank flooring.  It is waterproof flooring that goes in as a floating floor and looks like a wood floor.  You can’t beat having the look of wood as well as it being kid and pet-friendly (I need this in my life)!

Farmhouse chic is the way to go!

Also unique tile options for bathroom floors…And of course, thanks to Chip and Jo… Subway til, and shiplap!

Gosh isn't that adorable!

As far as carpet goes Amber loves lcl-pattern two-tone carpet.

Tabor tile for entry ways

Deco tiles are a great way to bring in your style to your home.

The whole goal in which Country Carpet and Flooring aims for is to make the whole process easier for their clients.  From walking into the store all the way to the finished product, they make sure that you are happy with the outcome. The store has been open for close to 40 years now.  That really tells you that they are doing it right. So if you are thinking about changing things up in your house or even building one, you need to go to Country Carpet and Flooring. You may watch as much HGTV as me, but a real expert to help wouldn't be a bad idea....